About Us

FG4 London is a contemporary British Fashion Brand from Designer George Davies.

Acknowledged as the most successful fashion innovator of his time, a design guru and a retail legend changing the face of fashion retailing in the UK with not one, but three fashion brands!

Understanding the needs and aspirations of customers has enabled George to create innovative lifestyle brands that are different to any other brands.

“Having studied the UK customer all our working life, my team and I were very excited with the prospect of absorbing ourselves into different lifestyles and cultures, when faced with an opportunity in 2010 to develop a new brand for stores in an international market. The result - FG4 London for ‘Women’ and ‘Girls & Boys’ was born, with the customer being the inspiration for everything we do.”

What makes us so special?


We feel the combination of our in-store POS, branding and customer service enhance our collections that
work seamlessly together resulting in confident outfit building.


We pride ourselves on our ability to always keep up with trends. Our beautiful collections and styles are created from travelling the world and gathering the latest inspiration in fabric, colour, style, and detail. This means you’ll always be on top of the fashion game!


If attention to detail and high-quality product is something you value, then look no further. Top quality is guaranteed through our close, direct working relationships with all our manufacturing partners across the globe.


You can always rely on our passionate dynamic team, many who have worked with George for over 20 years. The FG4 Team are like a family, working closely together to produce fantastic work throughout all areas of the business. A strong feeling of ambition and dedication vibrates around our office, inspiring us to always strive for more.


Continuous newness to excite our customer is an FG4 promise. Bored of seeing the same old clothes in your wardrobe? You’ll be spoilt for choice after scrolling through our website.

Designer of the Decade. A Serial Entrepreneur. George Davies has been in the fashion industry since he was 22 years old.

Acknowledged as the most successful fashion innovator of his time, a design guru and a retail legend changing the face of fashion retailing in the UK. With not one, but four fashion brands that have not only flourished in the fashion industry but changed it forever, George knows the world of fashion like no other.

“My love of fashion is eternal; my team have the same passion as I do.”

Recipe For Success

Before creating FG4, George successfully launched three other major brands that have not only flourished in the fashion industry, but changed it forever.


In 1982, George launched the fashion label Next. Within the first year, 70 stores emerged across the UK selling co-ordination fashion collections for
women. Over the next 5 years, George launched Menswear, Kidswear and Interiors making Next a truly lifestyle brand. In 1987 George’s vision was
to change the face of home shopping by launching
Next Directory.


In 1990 George took another ground-breaking step. He introduced his ‘George’ brand within the leading supermarket chain ASDA (WALMART) - a concept never seen in supermarkets before. The customer could do her weekly shop and buy affordable fashion for her family all at the same time. After launching ‘George’, the kidswear range quickly
became a major player in the UK market overtaking M&S as the market leader.

Per Una

In 2001, retailer Marks and Spencer approached George to use his expertise in identifying opportunities for their business. The result was George creating the women’s fashion brand Per Una. In over 100 years of their history, M&S had never before taken an outside brand into their stores. Per Una set the standard within M&S, with George and his team managing everything from design & sourcing, to training the staff, to visual merchandising, to allocating & trading the product.


Launching FG4 in 2010, George saw a gap in the Saudi market for his vision. Over a decade later, his devotion and innovation remains as he still takes a very hands-on approach to the business. There is no one who cares more about FG4 London than George himself.